Queen Size Loft Beds for Adults


We are excited to announce that we can now offer a Queen Loft Bed option! We have been able to work with our local supplier who makes our existing Metal Loft Bed range to create a Queen Size Loft bed that is strong and stylish.

Queen size Loft beds for Adults are currently not something that we stock as they are difficult to find suppliers to make them. We continue to try and make this a reality as we understand the need for larger size Loft beds for adults, so keep an eye on this space.

Until then, most people opt for a Double Loft Bed for extra width or a King Single Loft Bed for extra width and length. If you are happy with a queen on the bottom level and a smaller size above, you can work in a Queen Bed bottom level underneath the loft in an “L configuration”.

Adult Loft Beds can vary in stated weight capacity, but at Bunk Beds Australia we generally consider a Loft Bed to be an Adult Loft Bed where the stated capacity is at least 120kg or more. Some are even up to 300kg. Please note we will only state a weight capacity where the manufacturer has given one.

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